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The ad indicated that the company didn't even follow its own internal guidelines for damage control after a spill. BP also bought online ads that pop up when people search for information about the oil spill on Google and Yahoo. The ads, which link to BP's own oil-response sites, typically appear above or to the right of other search results. BP said the idea was to help people on the Gulf find the right forms to fill out quickly and effectively.

However, many people suggest it's a move to steer searchers away from bad press for BP. Crisis management experts stated the only reliable way to repair BP's badly tarnished image should be the obvious one — to plug the hole where oil was still leaking out. It would take nearly 3 months before the leak was stopped, and nearly 5 months before the well was declared effectively dead.

When you're managing an environmental disaster of this magnitude you not only have to manage the problem but also manage all the stakeholders. Creating wealth through high quality accountability to customers, shareholders, staff and suppliers is the highest form of social responsibility. Many companies fail in all these respects. The answer is not forced donations to NGOs in prescribed areas like education, gender, environment, and poverty.

Many shady businessmen run trusts galore to launder black money. Others create trusts to fund grants and scholarships to children of politicians and bureaucrats, bribes by another name. Famously, former Maharashtra chief minister A R Antulay had to resign over allegations that he got builders to donate heftily to his many trusts, as a condition for getting contracts. A recent Economic Times investigation exposed corporate promoters who gave CSR donations to their own NGOs and then recycled the cash back to themselves. Businessmen guilty of gross irresponsibility to consumers, shareholders, staff and the environment can nevertheless fulfil their CSR quota and win awards.

Ramalinga Raju of Satyam Computers forged documents and inflated profits to fool shareholders, banks, the government and other stakeholders, and ended up in jail.

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Yet, his Byrraju Foundation won several awards. It set up a rural call centre, enabling villagers without college degrees to join the globalisation bandwagon. It took telemedicine to rural areas, enabling villagers to interact with specialist urban doctors. It provided rural services like healthcare, education, water and sanitation. It ran an ambulance service, attracting so much praise that many states replicated it. Did this make Raju a paragon of social responsibility? It won several CSR awards in China. Yet behind this green imagemanship lay a horrendous record of neglecting safety.

The Ethical Lessons of Deepwater

This devastated the natural environment including wildlife and the way of life for Gulf Coast communities. As a corporate empire representing the largest oil company in the world, BP must be practice responsible business ethics. This is the lesson learned for BP. It is also the lesson learned for government and enterprise in regards to necessary precautions against safety.

Opinion: BP puts costs ahead of environment. Are we surprised? | Business Ethics

Safety becomes a key theme in preventable disasters. By implementing strategies in safety BP can improve social responsibility, ethical strategies, and environmental impact of crude oil extraction and refinery.

The Gulf Coast spill sparked renewed interest in corporate responsibility, ethics, and government control. This is because the disaster was caused by lack of mandated safety protocols in the industry. It can be seen in the explosion occurred while extracting crude oil hundreds of feet below the sea floor. It happened for two specific reasons, pressure systems and cement slorry.

Management: ethics and social responsibility

When maintaining safety, specifically in this environment, systems should always be under constant supervision. This includes documentation, checking and rechecking safety systems regularly for quality control. Had the organization implemented such safety measures, it would significant reduce risks to human life and the environment. The disaster addresses the changes needed in businesses and their relationship with the environment and greater society. Corporations must be held accountable when they act without ethical responsibility. To do government must intervene with policy and business audit geared on safety and regulation.

Safety is a key strategy to address issues of social and ethical responsibility. Not only should BP improve safety practices, the government should monitor these safety practices. It works to reduce risks and minimize threats.

Five Lessons From the BP Oil Spill

This is not only critical to prevent accidents it is also a fundamental strategy for business continuity. The crude oil that spilled into the Gulf and ruined the environment represents a substantial loss in oil supply and profits. In addition, BP lost workers, machinery, merchandise, integrity, and public respect. Taking simple measures to improve safety and reduce threats to continuity is suggested by professionals and scholars worldwide.

However, BP failed to do this. They provide a classic example of what can happen when to organizations lose sight of safety, ethics, and social responsibility.

Safety at BP was flawed for years. Even before the Gulf Coast spill there were warning signs towards BP failure in environmental, employee, and corporate safety. The two proceeding BP oil spills should have caught government interest; particularly in the US where both these events occurred. Each major accident that hit the company was a failure in safety and maintenance, Corporate Social, In was the Prudhoe Bay oil spill in Alaska.

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The previous year, in a Texas explosion killed 15 people. After each event BP promised to improve safety.